Running Your Bliss in iOs

Back in the 90’s, I watched a bunch of Jospeh Campbell Power of Myth episodes on VHS. Like everyone my main takeaway was * follow your bliss.*

Apparently, my bliss has been a life of small business ownership. The varying level of monetary success has made me realize that there is no retiring from one’s bliss, only dying from it. In the effort to follow my bliss – I’ve realized that my bliss, my true bliss, is a long lunch.

In the process, I learned how to monetize any crazy idea, set up its bookkeeping, and market the thing.

So it seemed like starting up Cannella Kitchen again would be a snap. Apply for a license, hire employees, set up the books and go forth. Except that I have been between computers for a minute.

Running a business from iOS has required me to evolve my tech awareness – not something that comes easily to a person who would rather create than press button after button. Apps are not programs. I understand programs. I am endlessly confused as to why apps are designed the way they are designed.

I’m in the process of finding an accounting app that is worth it’s price. At present, I’m using Xero for accounting and their payroll app buddy Gusto. Xero isn’t great on the phone – it has transaction limitations that just doesn’t allow for accurate accounting. The data it pulls from the bank creates a new vendor card for every transaction (nightmare) and I have yet to figure out how to adjust Square deposits that have fees removed from the deposit. Basically, I have to do a lot of online reading to fix issues that shouldn’t be issues.

But their payroll partner Gusto looks promising with the exception that it doesn’t sound like it has provided our employees with an intuitive way of on-ramping with us. Which is worrying. Also, I don’t care for their customer service – a crew that has been trained to be patronizing without listening. The solutions they provided on chat were links to articles in the help section that I had read on my phone several times. I found all the broken links to boot. Over the phone with a live person, my cheerful helper told me to put my UBI into a completely wrong section to answer a required question incorrectly.

So I’m back on the hunt for a good accounting app and definitely considering doing the payroll taxes manually through SAW, which also doesn’t have an app. but does have the people who can provide definitive answers.

Like, when filling out an Authorization to Access Information or File on Behalf of Employer for Washington State DOR one doesn’t put any Representative UBI number if your payroll filing firm is an out of state online payroll app. Even if the form says that the UBI number is required.

People providing useless information I really don’t care about is the antithesis of bliss. It’s hell.

All this for a long lunch.

Oh, now I get it. Joseph Campbell is a mother fucker.

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