Running Your Bliss in iOs

Back in the 90’s, I watched a bunch of Jospeh Campbell Power of Myth episodes on VHS. Like everyone my main takeaway was * follow your bliss.*

Apparently, my bliss has been a life of small business ownership. The varying level of monetary success has made me realize that there is no retiring from one’s bliss, only dying from it. In the effort to follow my bliss – I’ve realized that my bliss, my true bliss, is a long lunch.

So it seemed like starting up Cannella Kitchen again would be a snap. Apply for a license, hire employees, set up the books and go forth to serve some long lunches. Except that I have been between computers for a minute.

Running a business via iPhone is the antithesis of bliss. It’s hell.

From bookkeeping apps that underdeliver to payroll websites that refuse to recognize some of us might be on the phone, in the kitchen, trying to run a business (looking at you Gusto) running a company’s accounting requires a computer. Or an iPhone and a lot of swearing.

All for a long lunch.

Oh, now I get it. Joseph Campbell, you mother fucker.