Food Takes All

Food, if you do it right, takes all. All the energy, all the money, all the time, all the creativity. Food for a living means no birthdays, no holidays, no summer vacations.

A day in the commercial kitchen isn’t just a montage of steamy cooking scenes full of scattered seasonings and early morning harvests. It’s a lot of cleaning. A lot of changing out the bleach bucket. A lot of games of cooler Tetris because no one ever buys enough refrigeration.

And then there are the sleepless nights. One of the 40 people we are feeding for three weeks became sick with, we assume, food poisoning. Then two others experienced a touch of something (they ate too many cherries). We spent three days on edge wondering if all 40 people were going to fall ill mid performance a la the pie eating contest scene in Stand By Me. Images of an entire stage of musicians fleeing a performance in gastro intestinal distress plagued our dreams.

We’re still wondering what we might have served, if it was indeed what we served, that wasn’t food safe. The lettuce leaves?

But there’s also the glory of food that takes all. The happiness of making someone happy with food is king in our house.

So goodbye summer. Goodbye 3rd birthday party planning. Goodbye normal life. Goodbye stress free wake ups and serene bedtimes. Hello, food. It’s good to do you again.