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Welcome to All 23 Bunnies.

Full Kitten Experience Prequel

I have kittens.

It’s kind the first thing out of my mouth these days. It’s why the house smells the way it smells and why all the stray pens are knocked into corners. It’s also why small objects are stowed away at random and why our comforters are hung up on the bedroom doors.

When I say “I” have kittens, what I really mean is that I clean up after kittens and therefore I take primary ownership. They’re my six-year old daughter’s kittens.

I hadn’t meant to pick up two kittens. I’d meant to get one female kitten a year from now. Kittens have their place and time – which is not right before a three-day cooking gig and right after a couple months of mystery illness. Kittens, be they single or in a batch, change the day and I really wanted to have a year of unchanged days. And less to do.

But for as genuinely chaotic as they are, kittens are also happy magic. We’re ready for some magic around here.


Enter the kittens.

We had come for Eleanor and there she was, surprised to see us. She was a small, shy, fluffy, black, irresistible kitten. As soon as the door to her pen opened, she ducked into her litter box.

Adelaide and I walked away to give Eleanor space. It was only then that I looked around us. There were kittens everywhere and they were all staring at us.


The volunteer tried to steer us toward more outgoing options. Why, yes, Tex is sweet and adoring Romeo is beautiful. And then there was this tiny grey tabby climbing the side of his cage and hurling mews. I bent down to look at him.

“You can open the door if you like,” the volunteer offered.

As soon as I opened the cage, he latched onto me and nuzzled under my chin. I handed him, all cries and claws, to Vie and he nestled right into her neck.

I’d read about Malcom on the Humane Society website: he was a bottle-fed 4-week old kitten who looked like trouble. He was not a little fluffy, black kitten.

He squirmed when I returned him to the cage and threw himself against the closed door.

Quiet, shy Eleanor would like our home better. We live the life that quiet, shy cats like.


That night, I could not sleep. Eleanor was not going to be a great cat for a bouncy six year old to pick up and carry it from room to room. Who was this kitten for? I might have a quiet, shy-cat friendly home but my daughter doesn’t.

The next day, Vie and I drove back down to Wenatchee and adopted scrawny, scrappy Malcom. The Humane Society was running a BOGO, apparently. So with that, we entered The Full Kitten Experience 2022 at a discount.

Welcome to All 23 Bunnies, kittens.